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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. To ensure good health for our children School and college Health Programme are conducted every year as per the direction of Department of Health & Family Welfare.

School Health Programme is a commendable effort in the direction of identifying health problems and cultivating healthy habits among children. We at Genex Healthcare provide medical checkup and App with Health Records of students for parent and Institute.

Our offering:

  • Health Check-up:
    Team of doctors which will carry out medical exam as prescribed under your Education board or University covering basic GP, Dental and ENT check-up.
  • Dashboard:
    Application is provided to empanelled doctors and Institute to enable them to complete the health check-up. Application also provides Health analytics and Reports.
  • Mobile App:
    For parents/guardians to access, store and share health and medical data of their children and family members. Parents can further use the application to store all the medical records.

Benefit to Institute:

  • Promotes Health Environment in Educational Institute.
  • The institute, parents and doctors can access children’s health record (24x7). This information can be very useful during emergencies helping doctors take better decisions.
  • The associated doctor/nurse at the school can update health incidences of students which are seamlessly shared with parents.
  • Statistics and analytics of the health data is available to the institute.
  • Helps in compliance of school bye laws by conducting periodical health check-ups / medical examinations of students & sharing reports with their respective parents / guardian.
  • More over the records are digitally available, reducing the paperwork and can be easily traced and shared.

Benefit to Students and Parents:

  • Parents can access the Medical Examination Records carried out by the Institute using their smart phone.
  • They can act on the diagnostic by sharing information with their doctor for further treatment.
  • Parents can upload existing medical records, medical history and self-observations of their child on GenexEHR App. No need to carry medical files to each doctor.
  • No need to stress about lost/damaged papers.
  • Instant access to medical history in case of emergencies.
  • Parents can share specific information with another doctor for second opinion.
  • Parents can search doctors using GenexEHR mobile app.
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